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21 Pro 2018


Don't you know where to find the best and at the same time the cheapest? So talk to us, and after careful consideration of all the pros and cons of your choice. We will certainly meet your demands. We deliver the goods in the shortest possible time. We offer all piece furniture. Chairs, tables, benches, wardrobes and other furniture assortment […]

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17 Pro 2018

Do you want to have the most beautiful home?

Do you want to have the most beautiful home so that you can feel the best in it and also enjoy it? So you should definitely buy it, which you can really rely on. Because we often buy interior doors for life. Therefore, these doors should be made of the most durable materials you can afford. We are the company […]

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16 Lis 2018

Need new?

Don't you like your old door?  It's time to buy new ones!  The door completes home and you have to feel satisfied here.  from us are the best choice. Don't know how to choose interior doors?  Do not hesitate to call our line or visit us directly at the establishment.  We will be pleased to show you a wide range of […]

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11 Lis 2018

Your windows call for reconstruction what about plastic?

There's a problem with the windows be careful with the choice of material Are the existing windows in your apartment already in service?  Have you bet on wood and now you want to escape from the house by imagining a complex paint application?  Replace windows behind. Why plastic profile windows and doors? Replace the already unsatisfactory windows behind and increase your […]

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31 Říj 2018

Magnetic board

they will find their use in every company as well as in school.  Forget classic chalk today it is written with a marker.  Comfortable and dirt-free.  Magnetic boards of various types visit our eshop and see for yourself.  B2B Partner s.r.o.  – we will equip your business and home. Magnetic boards The high-quality and contrasting surface of the board guarantees […]

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20 Říj 2018

Trust our sofas

We offer a unique range of sofas. We have guaranteed quality. Thinking of a new sofa? Don't think. Now it's time to make a change in your living room! Our perfectly suited to your living room. Whether you have a small space or a large one, we have a solution for every space. Sofa from us, fits in any space. You […]

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17 Říj 2018

Control the internet through special advertising

Increasing traffic to your website to present your potential clientele does not have to be a hard effort.  At the beginning it is enough to find out about the possibilities of modern methods that optimize your position in search engines.  A revolutionary modern innovation in the field of internet positioning is SEO.  If you are going to make the most […]

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5 Říj 2018

Choose anything with us about living

Choose anything with us about living.  We offer a variety of furniture in a variety of varieties and importantly we have the best prices.  So as you can see our offer will be used by everyone not just the more wealthy. Hold on and wait for a moment and it will definitely pay off.  We have a number of different […]

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28 Zář 2018

Everyone likes the seats

After a full day's workload we are happy to return home.  Often we are so tired that we only think of having a good rest.  Book TV newspaper coffee beer wine.  And sit up or even stretch.  This is the coolness.  But it certainly can't do without! Sofas may be different.  Classic corner wooden upholstered leather folding with storage space.  The […]

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24 Zář 2018

Professional installation is priceless

Looking for the best Prague plumber?  If so you can stop searching because you have just found the most reliable craftsman you could wish for. We solve everything quickly and individually By guaranteeing express arrivals within 60 minutes you do not have to worry about great damage in case of repairs.  In addition to these we also install washing machines […]

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