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31 Kvě 2018

Proven security and quality

they have been proven for many years and decades by the certainty and quality that no one can guarantee in the case of plastic windows because they are too short on the market and no one knows what they will look like in twenty years.  Wood is a natural and durable material that perfectly isolates and naturally breathes windows. We […]

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30 Kvě 2018

Long tradition of history

Floor wood has already been used by our great ancestors. The wood flooring tradition is very, very long. And why did our ancestors use? Because they knew their great qualities and knew how to deal with them. Be smart and knowledgeable. Choose a long tradition and history for your home. Wooden floors can be made of different types of wood, […]

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29 Kvě 2018

Kitchen counters

Today's cooks and cooks make it easy to use robots slicers grinders beaters and many other kitchen appliances and use modern appliances such as built-in ovens and microwaves refrigerators dishwashers and the like.  Modern counts with sufficient storage space for all kitchen utensils and appliances. Kitchen cabinets in solid assemblies are particularly suitable for standardized kitchens where many built-in appliances cannot […]

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28 Kvě 2018

Come and have fun with us

Do you like games and like to try something new?  Then we have something for you that will not disappoint you.  Supergames are a website that offers up to a thousand online games a day completely free.  Here you will not have to play the same and get bored there is a lot of fun and fun. Online games are […]

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24 Kvě 2018


The demands on this range of promotional clothing corporate clothing and textile printing are increasing.  The market is increasingly demanding on clothing and textile printing.  Since 2006 we have significantly expanded our offer with the Rola range adding to our range of colors and clothing new color combinations and fashion elements. New assortment At the same time we have enriched […]

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23 Kvě 2018

Cooking will go better with the new kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of home.  are now produced in many shades in many colors and color combinations.  We have almost unlimited selection.  So visit our online store and choose your new kitchen. Kitchen units for home and small for small kitchenettes.  Space doesn't have to limit you at all.  Do you want to simplify it and choose a typed […]

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15 Kvě 2018

Herbs will benefit you

Fruit flavors are from real fruit We often enjoy the most enjoyable moments with a warm and fragrant tea from the Blueway store. Tea perfectly harmonizes your soul and brings you a sense of relaxation. Blueway offers you a wide range of products that will fully harmonize with your personality. Every herb has its place Did you know that in […]

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26 Dub 2018


At this time, it is very difficult to find one that suits you, was comfortable and, moreover, good and lasted several years. You can easily find us here. Not only do we deliver but we make it ourselves. For your maximum comfort, we produce the best, most comfortable that can exist. Our is both comfortable and quality and at a […]

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21 Dub 2018

Rental cottage

Would you like to buy a cottage but don't have time to take care of it all year?  We have a solution for you.  that's right for you!  In our extensive offer of chalets and cottages in the Czech Republic you can choose all year round.  If you want to stay in the nature for a week or just for the […]

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12 Dub 2018

Floating floors

We offer the highest quality.  Our range includes a wide range of colors and styles.  All you have to do is choose a floor that fits perfectly with your apartment. Floating floors in beautiful wood designs supplied in many colors rich offer from world producers. Floating laminate floating floors are designed exclusively for the interior especially the living room dining […]

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